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Air-Wall is the easy and cost effective solution to sealing gaps within hot and cold aisles caused by the removal of a cabinet or gaps created as a result of building columns interfering in aisle alignment. The Air-Wall Kit comprises of 4 channels sections and 2 wall sections which are designed to seal an opening 2,4 lin m. high and 610mm wide. ( Custom Kits for wider openings are available to order ). The channel sections magnetically stick to a cabinets outer side panel to form 2 vertical columns. The wall sections 1220mm x 610mm are made from a specially formulated fire rated correx sheet. It can be easily cut with a blade to the required width and then simply slide into the channel frame to form a solid air seal baffle.  Sealing most gaps  should take no longer than 30 minutes. The Air-Wall kit is light to carry, easy to assemble and is reuseable.  Air-Wall is designed as a simple solution to maintaining aisle intregrity. 

Air-Wall forms another part of our "Air" data centre product range. Air-Guard high performance brush seal grommets, Air-Block gasket sealing grommets, Air-Bloxx foam cushion seal for large cable openings, Air-Shield a low cost easy to install scalable blanking panel system. Air-Guard the COOL CHOICE


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