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Major Hindrances Faced By Data Center Facilities

Running a data centre is not an easy task. The increasing demand for on-demand technology services and the cost incurred to manage them has made data centre managers helpless. 
There are some challenges faced by data centre managers which are becoming a serious issue. However, if the challenges are apprehended beforehand and necessary solutions are sought, data centre management will be much more effective. 
Challenge #1
Oftentimes, unplanned downtime requires troubleshooting or power chain mapping is needed. Times like these are challenging because of the outdated, inaccurate or incomplete server information.
Challenge #2
In a data centre, it is almost impossible to understand how much space, power and and cooling is required. Understanding the ability of each server and the the amount of power needed to ensure uptime is necessary. 
Using a data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tool to quickly model and allocate space, power and network connectivity is the key to organise things properly. 
Challenge #3
It’s not enough to implement solutions that reduce operating expenses, you also have to prove it. Going forward, enterprise data center managers will need to be able to collect cost and performance data, and articulate their value to the business in order to compete with third party offerings.
A DCIM solution with dashboard and reporting tools is capable of aggregating data across several dimensions allowing data centre managers to quickly show stakeholders that the facility is improving. 
Challenge #4
According to experts, most data centres consume vast amounts of energy in a wasteful manner. Online companies extensively run their servers around the clock at maximum capacity and as a result, data centres waste more than fifty percent of the electricity.
A DCIM solution helps data centre managers monitor energy consumption and turn off servers when not used. Environmental sensors can collect information to safely raise temperature. It can also help the company to implement an energy bill back program that can drive energy efficient behavior.
Challenge #5
Manual facilities and non-automated ones require employees to spend their time recording activities into spreadsheets. This activity takes up huge amount of time resulting in misuse of manpower. The proper utilisation of manpower would be appointing employees for the purpose of making strategic decisions. 
DCIM solutions can automate manual processes like making adds, moves, and changes along with workflow approvals and the assignment of technicians.
Other factors affecting the smooth functioning of data centres include unorganised cable management and improper cooling system. Cables can be managed by using different grommets available with us. 
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