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GT044 Air-Block

  • Dimension - Cut Out 100mm x 100mm
  • Weight - 150 gm
Price: £ 20.50
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  • 450kg ( 1000 lbs ) point load performance
  • Integared safety cover
  • 2 quick action clamping arms with colour matching screw cap covers
  • Made from V0 fire rated contruction materials
  • Integrated gasket
  • Small surface area


GT044 Air-Block®

The GT044 unit is a 2 part grommet that is simple to open and close and forms a tight air seal around housed cables. The unit is supplied with a safety lid which can be attached to the body of the unit if required. Like other products in the Air-Block range of grommets this unit can be fitted almost anywhere with the floor panel surface even at its edge. Edge locations mean that cables are not trapped within the floor panel and are easily released from the grommet housing without the need to unplug the cable.

The GT044 is structurally very strong and fits into a 100mm x 100mm floor opening. The unit is held firmly in place by 2 no. quick action clamping arms. This heavy duty grommet will withstand a point load of 450kg and is supplied with a safety cover which is typically used during fit out and prior to cable installation to prevent unwanted access ti the floor void. The 100mm grommet opening is large enough to facilitate the passage of a conduited power module through the floor opening for intallation within the desk. The GT044 Will then safely seal that opening and provide a high performance seal around the conduit 

Standard stock colour - BLACK

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