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GT065GA Air-Block

GT065GA Air-Block

  • Dimension - 169mm diameter Cut out
  • Weight - 330 gm
    Price: £ 16.00
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    • Heavy duty contruction

    • Large adjustable cable opening

    • Gasket sealed cable opening

    • 2no.clamping arms

    • V0 flame retardant rated

    • Secured snap fit lid


    GT065GA Air-Block

    The GT065GA is a heavy duty floor grommet. based on the GT065 unit but adapted to meet the design requirements for Samsungs new HQ in South Korea. The grommet lid features a 140mm x 30mm gasketed dial adjustable cable opening. The lid is reinforced and has a new snap fit feature which holds the lid firmly in place without the need to mechanically lock the lid to the body of the grommet. The 3no. lid icons were also a client requirement which we have retained. The grommet fits a 169mm cut out and is held firmly in position by 2no. clamping arms. 


    Stock colour - Black only


    Cut Out - 169mm diameter

    Overall - 190mm diameter

    Depth - 38mm

    Cable opening - Adjustable with max. opening 140mm length x 30mm width

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