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  • Dimension - n/a
  • Weight - 500 gm
Price: £ 64.50
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  • Quick to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to adjust and retrofit
  • Standard openings can be fitted and sealed in less than 15 minutes




Close the gap!

Air-Wall is an efficient aisle gap closing system. Closing gaps created by the removal of a cabinet or by the installation of a new rack size can cause gaps in a hot or cold aisle. Such gaps undermine the effectiveness of the cold or hot aisle. Closing the gap can also prove a bit of a headache and can be relatively costly and time-consuming to sort out. Air-Wall helps solve this problem quickly and cost-effectively. If you have a standard rack configuration the Air-Wall kit can be used and re-used time after time.  

The Air-Wall kit is available in 3 width sizes, 600mm, 750mm and 800mm and seals to a maximum height of 2200mm. Each kit comprises of 4no. aluminium channels1100mm long each fitted with a magnetic strip and a 2200mm high heavy gauge fire rated "white" closing panel. To seal an opening between 2 cabinets simply fix the channels to the outer side wall of adjacent cabinets forming 2 opposing channels 2200mm high. Unfold the infill Air-Wall panel and fit it into the channels. The magnetic channel can be adjusted to provide the best alignment fit for your particular aisle design. To fit non-standard sized openings the Air-Wall kit is easy to the rework. To custom fit the Air-Wall kit both the channels and panel can be easily cut to achieve the desired maximum height and width.

Custom sizes can be made to order. Panels can also be printed with corporate logos, slogans or photographs. Custom enquiries welcomed