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Air Shield AS500

  • Dimension - 500mm x 500mm
  • Weight - 12 kg
Price: £ 400.00
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  • Made from fire rated material
  • Supplied with 200 clips
  • Fast ROI
  • Easy to adapt
  • Quick to install
  • 500u just 12kg in weight



Air-Shield Blanking System

500u Blanking system supplied in easy to handle 10U sheet format plus 200 rack clips. Air-Shield blanking system is a fast economical blanking solution for Data Centre operators serious about controlling cooling costs and achieving a fast ROI. The Air-Shield White system provides contrast between servers and its reflective surface improves lighting performance within the cold aisle.

Supplied in easy to handle 10u sheet sizes, Air-Shields fluted rib design creates a rigid membrane which can be easily adapted to fit the blanking space. The simple push in clip holds the sheet firmly in position.  Closing empty rack space, eliminates costly re-cycling of air within the cold aisle, provides better containment and substantially reduces cooling costs. 

There are many blanking solutions. Air-Shield is designed as a practical, low cost, adaptable blanking system. Light to carry, easy to install and effective.

Colour Options


Black with honeycomb design