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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - Cut Out - 150mm diameter
  • Weight - 180 gm
Price: £ 26.00
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  • Made from high strength flame retardant ABS resin
  • 450kg (1000 lbs ) point load
  • 2 part housing simply "snaps" around cables
  • 2 built-in spring action fixing screws hold the grommet firmly in place, screw covers included
  • Strong Safety lid tethered to the main housing 


GT060BR Air-Block

The GT060BR is a heavy duty cable grommet with a brush seal cable opening. The 2 piece grommet "SNAPS" around cables and fits into a 150mm diameter floor panel cut out. Made from flame retardant materials, the Air-Block grommet is anti static and is supplied with a strong safety lid for use during fit out and prior to the unit being cabled. When cabled the grommet has a maximum cable mouth of 95mm x 40mm. 

The GT060BR sits within the depth of the floor panel (Max. 42mm) and is held firmly in place by 2 no. quick action built in locking clamps. The unit's strong wide flange provides a safe transition between floor and grommet. The grommets clever and patented design means cables are not trapped within an outer housing and can be easily released  without the need to disconnect the cable.


  • Cut out - 150mm diameter
  • Large cable mouth -95mm x 40mm
  • Overall dimension -175mm diameter
  • Colour Options

  • Black or Grey



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