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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - Cut Out - 209mm diameter
  • Weight - 300 gm
Price: £ 28.00
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  • Circular brush design provides a concentrated seal around cables
  • Large 140mm diameter brush opening
  • Intergrated clamping arms lock grommet to raised floor - no additional drilling or screws required
  • Strong Safety lid option available - lid can be adjusted to facilitate cables
  • Deep 54mm body dresses the full depth of the panel cut out
  • RoHS Compliant 


GTA85N NEW Air-Block circular grommet

The GTA85N circular cable grommet fits into a ø209mm opening and is fitted with a recessed 140mm diameter brush sealed cable opening. Circular brush seals provide an effective air seal as the brush filaments  naturally concentrate towards the centre of the circle. The bristles form an air seal sleeve aound bundled cables passing through the grommet.

This Air-Block grommet also  features 2 quick action clamping arms that  firmly hold the grommet in position without the need for additional drilling and screw fixings.

The unit can also be supplied with a safety lid which could also be used when the grommet is cabled to form a secondary air sea and protective coverl.


Cut out - 209mm diameter

Overall width - 230mm diameter

Sleeve Depth - 60mm

Cable Opening - Max 140mm diameter

Colour Options

Black or Grey main ring

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