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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - Cut Out 265mm x 115mm (135mm)
  • Weight - 350 gm
Price: £ 41.00
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  • Made from V0 Fire rated materials
  • Features removable brush section to assist cable installation
  • Overlapping brush seal provides a better air seal
  • Supplied with cutting template and fixing hardware
  • RoHS compliant
  • Metal or Plastic safety cover available


GTAG1 Air-Guard®


The original award winning Air-Guard cable grommet features a latched removable front brush section. This enables easy cable installation when the grommet is fitted at a panels perimeter edge or in the centre of a floor panel. When large cable openings are required 2 units can be installed face to face. The GTAG1's overlapping brush system provides a superior air seal to conventional tip to tip brush seals.

Made entirely from V0 fire rated materials the GTAG1 Air-Guard safely seals raised floor cable openings and helps reduce running costs by eliminating by-pass air. 

Product Dimensions

  • Panel Cut Out - ( Centre Cut ) 265mm x 115mm ( Perimeter Cut ) 265mm x 135mm
  • Overall Size  -  328mm x 162mm
  • Cable Opening - 230mm x 65mm

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