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GTAG11 Round

  • Dimension - Cut Out - 127mm diameter
  • Weight - 100 gm
Price: £ 24.60
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  • Circular design - better seal brush system
  • Hybrid Brush and gasket seals
  • V0 fire rated
  • 2 piece construction
  • Usable space wide enough to pass 32amp Commando sockets through


GTAG11 Air-Guard

Designed to fit the raised floor industries most popular floor panel cut out size 127mm diameter the GTAG11 has established itself as a firm favourite with data centre engineers. This compact hybrid grommet features both a brush and gasket seal delivering excellent air sealing performance around cables. The grommet is wide enough to pass a large 32amp commando type plug through the brush seal. Brush formed into a circular configuration concentrates bristles towards the centre of the grommet which then inter-link to form a tight air seal around cables and pipework passed through the grommet opening.  

In projects where just power cables are installed below the raised floor, the GTAG11 Air-Guard is a perfect specification solution. Made entirely from V0 fire rated materials this compact grommet ticks all the boxes. 


Overall - 155mm diameter

Cut Out - 127mm diameter

Grommet depth - 38mm

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