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GTAG11 Round

  • Dimension - Cut Out - 127mm diameter
  • Weight - 100 gm
Price: £ 30.96
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  • Circular design - better seal brush system
  • Brush and gasket seals
  • V0 fire rated
  • 2 piece construction
  • Usable space large enough to pass Commando sockets through


GTAG11 Round

Designed to fit  the raised floor industries most popular floor panel cut out size 127mm diameter the GTAG11 has established itself as a firm favourite with data centre engineers. This compact grommet featues both a brush and gasket seal delivering excellant air sealing performance around cables. The grommet is large enough to pass a large 32amp commando type plug through the brush seal. This  circular grommet  concentrates its bristles towards its centre which combine to form an effective air seal around cables and pipework..  

In projects where just power cables are installed below the raised floor the GTAG11 Air-Guard is a perfect specifation solution. Made entirely from V0 fire rated materials this compact grommet ticks all the boxes. 


Overall - 155mm diameter

Cut Out - 127mm diameter

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