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GTAG3 Retro

  • Dimension - 250mm x 250mm x 25mm
  • Weight - 0 gm
Price: £ 41.58
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  • Made from V0 fire rated materials 
  • Peel and stick to floor surface
  • 2 part air seal designed to air seal in-situ cables regardless of hole size ( max opening 200mm x 200mm )
  • Reducer plate option - seals openings up to 300mm x 300mm
  • Overlapping bristles form a better air seal
  • Unit supplied with all required fixing hardware


GTAG3 Retro-Fit Air-Guard

Sealing existing cable openings in the raised floor is the simplest and most cost effective first step in improving a legacy data centres efficiency. The GTAG3 Air-Guard is quick and easy to install. The 2 part grommet simple clamps around the cables. Utilising its self adhesive strips the GTAG3 sticks directly to the floor surface. If desirable the unit can also be mechanically fixed to the raised floor using the hardware supplied.

The benefits of seal existing cable openings with the GTAG3 Air-Guard grommet include:

Reduced air loss and increased under-floor static pressure

Improved cooling efficiencies and extended cooling equipment life

Dramatically reduced plant running costs. Over 50% of conditioned air does not get to the air intake of data room equipment due to unsealed openings

Meets Cold / Hot aisle best practice

Seals cable openings to prevent under-floor contamination


Clean floor surface around the cable opening. Peel off protective adhesive covers on the base of the GTAG3 unit. Fit side A onto floor then side B entrapping cables within the grommet frame. Arrange cables and bristles to ensure a good air seal. If desired the grommet can also be screw fixed to the floor surface ( Screws supplied )



·         Covers any opening up to 200mm x 200mm

·         For openings greater than 200mm and less than 310mm - Use the Reducer plate GTAG3RD and the GTAG3

·         Overall size - 250mm x 250mm x 25mm

·         Alternatively if used as a half unit will seal 100mm x 200mm opening.

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