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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - Cut Out - 115mm x 115mm
  • Weight - 250 gm
Price: £ 29.50
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  • Made from V0 Fire rated materials

  • Features removable brush section to assist cable installation

  • Overlapping brush seal provides a better air seal

  • Supplied with cutting template and fixing hardware

  • RoHS compliant


GTAG4 mini "Brat"

Where a dedicated power or data requirement arises the GTAG4 is the perfect solution. Typically this unit is installed in projects where only power cables are required to pass through the raised floor panel. The unit povides an excellant air seal and the opening is large enough to facilitate 32amp commando sockets.

The GTAG4 Air-Guard® unit is made from V0 flame retardant material. The removable front section makes it an ideal unit for installation on the edge of a floor panel. Cables can be then easily released from the panel without the need to disconnect them. The unit can also be installed almost anywhere with the panels surface.


The "BRAT" like all Air-Guard product features an overlapping brush system for a better air seal and is also fitted with an EDPM gasket for an even better air seal. 


Form a cut out in the raised floor panel 

·         Center Cut Out -  115mm x 115mm

·         Edge Cut Out -  135mm x 115mm

Fit grommet into postion ( Do not remove the latched brush section) then screw fix to the raised floor panel ( screws supplied )

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