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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - Max. Cut Out - 610mm x 225mm
  • Weight - 300 gm
Price: £ 72.00
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  • Brushes designed to overlap offering a better air seal.
  • The brush can be cut as required to fit any custom floor cut out size up to 312mm x 225mm
  • The kit is easy to install with a factory applied adhesive strip to the back of both brush sections
  • The engineered side rails integrate with the brush sections
  • The side rails are cut as required and screw fixed into position to form a complete edge seal
  • Made from V0 flame retardant materials


The GTAG5 kit is designed to provide all the elements required  to seal large irregular raised access floor cut outs. 

* GTAG5-600 - Maximum Dimension - 612mm x 225mm
When under floor air is used to provide cooling to computer racks through stategically positioned air grilles then any other openings in the raised floor are costing the facility money both in terms of energy costs and increased demands on cooling equipment and rack hardware. Sealing openings in the raised floor is the most immediate and  cost effective action to improving the operational effeciency of the data centre. Savings of up to 40% of cooling costs have been reported by companies who installed effective seals around cable and duct openings in their raised floors. The GTAG5 air guard is a simple easy to install brush kit which can be retro-fitted around floor openings without having to disconnect in position cables.
The GTAG5 unit is part of a family of retro fit sealing solutions. If you have a particular project requirement and would like to receive a comprehesive solution proposal please contact us.

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