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GTAG9 Air-Guard

  • Dimension - Max Cut Out - 600mm x 125mm
  • Weight - 300 gm
Price: £ 44.00
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  • Made from V0 fire rated materials
  • Removable encaps facilitate cutting of brush profile
  • Seals opening up to 125mm wide
  • Peel and stick to floor surface


GTAG9 Air-Guard®

Sealing cable openings in the raised floor is the most cost effective way of reducing cooling costs in a plenum cooled data centre. These openings not only occure under racks but also at the perimeter on the room where pipe and duct work pass through the floor up along the wall. These gaps greatly reduce the efficient cooling of the data hall and represent a significant operational ( hidden ) cost. 

The GTAG9 Perimeter Seal Air-Guard Kit seals  the length of a standard 600mm raised floor tile and if required can simply be cut to seal a shorter opening. The GTAG9 is made from V0 fire rated materials which means that the unit will not  burn when the fire source is extinguished.

The GTAG9 is easy to install - just peel and stick. The air seal can also be mechanically fixed to the floor surface ( Screws supplied ).


Seals Maximum Opening - 600mm x 125mm 

Overall Dimension - 650mm x150mm



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