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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - Cut Out 209mm diameter
  • Weight - 490 gm
Price: £ 15.64
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  • Heavy duty load performance
  • 360° Adjustable cable opening
  • Made from high strength  V0 fire rated ABS compound
  • 2no. clamping arms holds grommet firmly in position
  • Facility to mount power and data sockets to the grommet


GT085 Cable Grommet

The GT085 fits a 209mm diameter access floor panel cut out. The GT085 cable grommet is designed as a heavy-duty cable grommet. The GT085 consists of 2 parts a. Outer housing ring and b. Lid. The outer housing features a wide supporting flange and 2no. clamping arms. The wide flange provides strong structural support to the grommet when subjected to heavy loads. The clamping arms hold the grommet firmly in position. The deep 40mm side wall provides protection to cables and hands from the sharp metal edges of the floor panel cut out.  The wide 185mm diameter opening facilitates easy and generous access through the grommet for cabling work.  The 2 part lid features a deep moulded base part with an arrangement of cable opening slots and a 360° adjustable top disc. The cable opening can then be set to perfectly seal around cables passed through the grommet.This eliminates unnecessary gaps in the cable mouth and prevents debris from entering the floor void.

The GT085 grommet is used extensively in both general office and data centre installations.


Cut Out - 209mm diameter

Overall width - 235mm diameter

Sleeve depth - 45mm

Internal aperture - 185mm diameter

Cable Mouth - 80mm x 30mm & 2no, 25mm x 30mm

Colour Options

Black, Grey or White

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