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The largest range of cable grommet solutions

Cable Spine

  • Dimension - n/a
  • Weight - 200 gm
Price: £ 14.50
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  • Adjustable cable spine
  • 2 cable compartments
  • Clip or screw fix to desk top
  • Weighted base plate
  • Quick to install - easy to adjust
  • Stock colour - Silver


CB1000 - Cable Spine

Gromtec Cable Spine - provides a simple neat solution for cable management between the desk and the floor. The 2 compartment spine priovides power and data cable segregation with plenty of room to meet a typical desks power and data cable requirements. The open spine design makes it easy to install or remove cables from the spine without the need for tools. The Gromtec Cable Spine helps organise unsightly cables in an attractive housing improving both a desks visual appearance but more importantly its safety.