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Fluvia Slim Desk lamp

  • Dimension - 350mm / 775mm long
  • Weight - 700 gm
Price: £ 244.00
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  • Asymmetric Light Distribution – an ideal format for comfortably lighting a work area
  • Glare Control – A light curtain softly bathes the whole projected desk surface
  • Minimum Volume, Optimum Light – Just 23mm in diameter but with optimum light emission
  • Minimum Heat Emission – the units has been designed specifically to prevent over-heating of any part – no hot-spots just environmental comfort
  • Touch Adjustment – dimming control at the touch of a button –  310° adjustable light emission


Fluvia Slim Desk Lamp

The Award* winning Fluvia slim lighting system from SIMON combines technological innovation and high light performance to create a truly complimentary lighting range.  The timeless elegance of the Fluvia desk lamp belies a host a features which makes this beautifully crafted desk lamp an must have for the stylish and productive office desk.

The Fluvia slim is also available in a range of ceiling and wall fittings.