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The largest range of cable grommet solutions


  • Dimension - 283mm x 67mm
  • Weight - 750 gm
Price: £ 80.00
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  • Easy to fit
  • Power and data sockets easy to access
  • Power sockets individually fused
  • Units can be made to custom specification
  • Unit supplied with stadard 3 linear metre leads


Omega BP-824 

Simplify and manage any desk and enjoy easy access to power, data and audio visual sockets with the in-desk mounted Omega unit. The Omega unit sits flush on the desk allowing eassy access to all sockets. 

The Omega unit is supplied with 2 UK sockets ( individually fused ) 2 no. Cat 6 data sockets, 1 HDMI, 1 SVGA & 1 Audio and Power cord with 13amp plug top - with a choice of power and data length leads.

Note: Cat6 Coupler option supplied with 3 linear metre HDMI, SVGA and Audio leads

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