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SOLC5 Stainless Steel Lid Grommet

  • Dimension - 127mm diameter cut-out
  • Weight - 200 gm
Price: £ 28.00
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  • Attractive stainless steel lid with black or grey trim

  • Various cable slot options up to a maximum of 30mm x 75mm

  • Grommet can be fitted with power and/or data plates

  • Cost effective solution for those prestige office or showroom floor areas


SOLC5 Stainless Steel Lid Grommet

Based on the best selling GTLC5 cable grommet, the SOLC5 features a stainless steel adjustable lid section. This aesthetic upgrade is used to great effect in projects which require something special within the floor finishes. The grommet is available as a standard grommet or can be fitted with a range of power and data sockets.  The lid is also available in a number of slot sizes and custom sizes can also be considered. Lid options
a. 12mm x 40mm slot
b. 20mm x 60mm slot
c. 32mm x 75mm slot
The SOLC5 fits a 127mm diameter cable opening and 2no. built in clamping arms hold the grommet firmly in postion. The stainless steel lid is connected to the grommet  body with an earth lead and an activated  lid locking screw prevents the lid from being accidentally opened.


Cut Out - 127mm diameter

Overall Diameter - 140mm

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