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  • Dimension - 135mm x 135mm x 70mm ( Screed type )
  • Weight - 300 gm
Price: £ 75.00
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  • Available in Stainless Steel or Brass finish
  • Manual and safety lock options
  • Maximum load when closed 1000kg
  • Maximum load when open 170kg
  • CE marked
  • International test standard CEI-670 for casing
  • Halogen Free
  • Withstands installation temperatures of -25°C to +60°C


KSEO/23 IP66 Floor outlet

The Simon KSEO/23 IP66 floor outlet is a fantastic solution for open hard floor areas which require occassional power and data.

The screed verion of the outlet is designed to sit flush to the floor surface. When closed the unit meets an IP66 standard. When open the unit conforms to IP20.

The unit is designed so that any moisture which enters the box is directed to a self emptying reservoir located in the back box*.

When in use, the open lid is locked in position, providing protection to the plug and socket and preventing the lid from being accidentally opened.

To maintain the units performance the gasket seal and support plate should be occassionally wiped clean.

*Follow the intallation guide and ensure the top section is orientated correctly so that the weep hole is positioned over the reservoir. 

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