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What is the delivery time for an order?

Once your order is acknowledged and processed, allow 1 to 2 working days for delivery. Deliveries to remote parts of the UK and mainland Europe will require a 3 / 4 day delivery period. TNT and DHL are our preferred delivery partners and we will forward you a tracking number once your order has shipped. We require customers to provide full contact details. Delivery addresses should be locations where someone is available to receive the goods during normal working hours. Should the driver have difficulty locating the address he/she will try to contact the customer or request us to contact the customer to clarify the delivery address is correct. Parcels will not be left at unattended delivery addresses. The courier will request a signature from the recipient and this will be used as proof of delivery. 2 attempts will be made by the courier to complete the delivery. If the 2nd attempt is unsuccessful the goods will be returned to our stores. An additional delivery charge will be applied to future deliveries.

By prior arrangement, parcels can be left at the courier's depot for collection by the customer.

Can you recommend an installation contractor?

Yes we can! We have been supplying our products for over twenty years. Within that time we have built up great working relationships with a number of excellent contractors and installation specialists. We would be happy to help you find the best contractor for your specific project requirements. If you just require a contract that specializes in cutting holes in all types of raised floor panel we are pleased to recommend James Kelly -

Whats the best way to cut a hole in a raised floor panel?

If you plan to carry out the cutting of raised floor panels there are a number of ways to form the cut-out. The simplest is to used a drill to form a pilot hole then use a jig-saw to form the cutout. Forming a circular cut can prove awkward. If the hole is cut too large the flange of the floor box or grommet will not be supported correctly and may under load fail. This would not be due to the quality of the grommet but specifically because the hole was too large. Using the correct size hole saw and the correct type of drill can make forming circular cut out both faster and safer ensuring the flange of the grommet is fully support around the full circumference of the hole. We would advise that the drill should feature an active torque control clutch to prevent the drill from twisting in the operator's hands should the saw jam in the cutout. This is very important. We offer a range of hole saws and arbors in our product section. Bi-metal hole saws will cut both steel and chipboard but require a low cutting speed. The chipboard core of the panel also can quickly blunt the cutting teeth of the saw. A carbide tipped hole saw is not as restricted by the cutting speed and will cut through both steel and chipboard with relative ease. We would expect a carbide tipped hole-saw to cut through a 30mm thick floor panel in less than 1 minute and achieve a minimum of 50 cut-outs before the performance of the drill is blunted by the chipboard core of the panel. We also can supply a Multi-Purpose carbide hole saw which cuts through chipboard with ease but will not cut steel effectively. By using both saw types an operator can maximise the performance life of both hole saws. When forming cut outs please ensure all correct safety wear and correct cutting equipment is used.